List of the Best Bathroom Heaters with Reviews for 2018

Central heating arrangements are the norm that most of you follow in this day for your houses. However, it has proven unsuccessful in reaching the bathrooms. As you would have definitely noticed and felt, it is a very nasty experience to come out of your warm, friendly, and soothing bath into a draft of cold air. A bathroom radiator then becomes essential if you want to dodge this unpleasant feeling.

There are so many varieties of heaters in vogue these days that it becomes absolutely significant that you to comprehend how diverse kinds of space warmers can be used to heat a bathroom in various manners. Having this knowledge will make it easier for you to make the best choice for yourself when you are planning to purchase a bathroom heater. To help you choose a model that is suitable for your specific requirements, a list follows of the bathroom heaters that are the best in the market today, along with their features.






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Stiebel Electron CK 15E

Stiebel Electron

High End

Panasonic FV-11VH2


High End

Holmes HFH436WGL-UM


Low End

Broan 655 Bathroom Heater


Mid Range

Broan 174


Mid Range

A Selection of the Best Bathroom Heaters

Stiebel Electron CK 15E Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater

Editor Rating:

This has a multi-purpose designing. It is fully functional, while at the same time offering a style statement to your bathroom. Its gracefully arched contour provides it an alluring air. 

And its compact outline juts a mere 4.8 inches out of the wall, thus, not taking up any significant amount of space from your bathroom. The warm air is directed towards the floor, heating up even the ground and making a uniform distribution throughout the whole of the bathroom zone. It doesn’t make any noise and consumes only 1500 watts. It has a thermostat already built into it and also a Nichrome heating component.

Panasonic FV-11VH2 Bathroom Heater

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You don’t have to explore any further than the Panasonic ceiling fan if you want a warm and calm bathroom on a winter morning. 

This will bring to you almost instantaneous and luxurious heat whenever you require. It can efficiently warm up a zone just within a minute. You can avail its benefits without wasting your time as it is quiet and small, and can be swiftly installed. It is long lasting and has a powerful heating system. At a mere 1400 watts, this bathroom heater from Panasonic is capable of quickly heating up your entire bathroom space.

The component is covered with stainless steel. On top of that, its electrical insulation is industrial grade which ensures safeguarding when the equipment is functioning at a higher temperature. A three level device to ensure safety is incorporated within the system of this specific heater. You will not have to take any stress for this heater requiring a replacement too soon because it is structurally very strongly built. Its designing was done specifically keeping the energy consumption in mind, so your monthly electricity bills will not get burdened by this too. Further than that, the fan of this heater does not ride as searing as a lot of other heaters in the market. This significantly reduces the possibility of the heater overheating and thus provides a long and stable life to the internal components.

The internal elements of the heater might begin failing gradually due to overheating. If that happens to the motor, it proves to be an expensive replacement or repair. To extract the best possible execution from this heater, make sure that it does not have a distance of more than 8 feet from the ground. Moreover, it has CFL lighting integrated within it. It fully complies with all safety standards. It offers you more lighting with a better energy efficiency in relation to many other heaters that are mounted on the ceiling fan.

Holmes HFH436WGL-UM

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This model from Holmes is one of the finest in the category of portable heaters. This unit comes with an ALCI wodge to give you a stress-free use of your bathroom.

This product has a plethora of options for installation to provide you with supplementary luxury. It can be hung on the wall, mounted on the wall, and even simply put on the ground. It has a digital thermostat which lets you set the temperature of your desire.

It also offers you the possibility to use it only when required through its digital timer and clock. You can make your bathroom luxuriously radiating and cozily waiting for you in advance. This can be done by simply setting the timer so that it can preheat the bathroom. This model’s maximum output is limited to 1500 watts. Furthermore, it has two adjustable heat settings.

Broan 655 Bathroom Heater

Editor Rating:

This is stylishly designed and will add some character to your trendy bathroom. It fits in readily with most of the decors with its white polymer grille on its underside. This appliance can be used as a fan by itself if you find the weather of the day unusually warm. 

You can switch on the heater operation to get your frosty bathroom to warm up to you in no time. Both its heater and fan are quite effective. It is ideal for a bathroom of medium size. You can even light up your bathroom by turning on its light setting. To use it, you will need to fit in a bulb of maximum 100 watts at your own cost.

It is not incorporated in the box. Thanks to its 1300 watt output, your wait for a warm bathroom will not be very long. You can literally turn on your light, heater as well as the fan with the mere flick of its switch. It has a 3-way switch. If there is any one feature that you don’t wish to use, you can simply switch to the 2 switch alternative. However, you will have to buy them separately as they don’t come with the heater.

Broan 174 Bathroom Wall Heater

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This selection from Broan is an efficient and convenient wall heater for your bathroom. Its usability is not limited to your bathroom. It can even be mounted in any area that is not too large and needs a little extra warmth, such as the hallways.

Its white grills point downwards, thus, guiding the air flow in the direction of the floor. This wall radiator has an added lifespan due to its baked enamel finish. Its thermostat is not placed in the heater’s front side. It can be adjusted and is an efficient way for you to counter the initially cold temperature of your room and bathroom.

The superior efficiency of its alloy heating component lets you relish the warmth of this heater without delay. You can create a low profile warmth unit by resurfacing this heater in the wall. You can also surface it according to your preferences but that will require an extra mounting kit. Utilizing the surface mounting alternative is a better option if you do not want to do too much work in your bathroom. Now the best part – its maintenance is completely hassle-free! That is because it is integrated with a motor which is permanently lubricated. An integrated protector for thermal overload allows you to enjoy a reliable and safe performance.

Comprehensive Guide for Selecting a Model that Suits Your Needs

Before going in for the purchase and looking at various models of bathroom heaters, you must have an in-depth knowledge of the several purposes of the several kinds of heaters available today. Nobody likes having to devote time in a frosty bathroom after waking up to a particularly harsh morning in the winters. Stepping out into an icy rain from a nice warm shower is not something you ever look forward to either. And that is why science has come up with the technology of bathroom heaters for you.

If you have an aversion to fully renovating your bathroom just for a heater, a heater for ceiling fan makes for a swift and smooth install. It will also preserve the interior décor of your bathroom. They do not burn a hole in your month’s budget and come with a lot of features. Continue reading to know about more types of bathroom heaters.

  • Portable: A bathroom heater which is portable is a convenient option if you only want to use it for the duration of those cold months of the winter season. They conform to the standards of safety for electrical appliances for the bathrooms as they generally come with ALCI plugs. The only downside is that they are a bit brassier than the other varieties of bathroom heaters. A safety precaution you need to remember with them is that they should not come into contact with water.

This is the most affordable kind of bathroom heater. If you live on rent and utilize a heater only for while the winters last then this is a sound option for you. The best part about this heater is that it can also be made use of to warm a different area of your home if you are not using it for the bathroom. Always only buy a heater that follows the safety standards to ensure your well-being.

  • Electric Wall Heaters: These heaters are mounted on the wall. They are quite a well-liked option for the consumers. One of its advantages is that they are energy efficient. Their installation is trouble free too and in addition, they are safe to use. Since they are far away from any moist zones like your basins, showers or bathtubs, these heaters are way safer than a lot of the other kinds. With this kind of radiator installed in your bathroom, you can be free of any worries about the kids messing with them.
  • Baseboard Heaters: They are connected and fitted straight into your electricity line. The baseboard heater unit runs along the baseboard of your bathroom. Although they will make your wallets considerably lighter than the other models, they offer much more in the way of your safety and well-being. They are totally insulated from the water that runs nearby as they have a seal and cover over the entire machinery.
  • Infrared Heaters: These ultraviolet heaters have a heating effect which is quite similar to the sun. Ultraviolet radiation projects heat on to the objects surrounding the source of the infrared heat. They prove to be a healthy choice if you are prone to suffering from conditions such as seasonal affective disorder and the like. They are a little expensive but your health is undoubtedly more important!
  • Ceiling Attached Heaters: These are mounted on the ceiling of your bathroom. They are the ultimate alternative if you are in need of a bathroom heater that is relatively permanent. One added edge that you will get from this heater is that it won’t clutter your bathroom. You will, as a result, have more of counter and floor space. They also warrant safety due to the fact that they are nowhere near your shower, sink, or bathtub, but rather on the ceiling.
  • Underground Heaters: You can go for an under floor heater if you prefer that your warming source is not seen by anyone. They also come in very handy if you are short of space in your bathroom. This is also popular with a lot of people because it makes for a warm floor. Your feet will not have to go through the harshness of a cold floor when you stroll in your bathroom in the cold. A supplementary benefit of underground heaters is that they make sure that your floor is always dry. This will, in turn, reduce the risk of slipping up on a wet floor and getting injured.

Conclusion of the Best Bathroom Heaters

Creating a cozily warm bathroom for yourself is quite significant in the harsh and chilly winter mornings. But it is a very big safety risk to place a normal heater in proximity to the water. Thankfully, heaters particularly designed to be used in bathrooms are available now. So you can select the heater of your liking from various models to ensure your safety. Hopefully, the above list will aid you in doing that. Heaters specific to bathroom usage have many added benefits.

They save you from having to warm up the whole house if you only require that your bathroom is warm and relaxing on a frosty winter morning. As a consequence, it saves on your electricity bills. They do not have a complex installation mechanism. And you will not need to renovate the entire house just to fit in a bathroom heater. However, make it absolutely certain that the heater is away from any source of water. Even if it is sealed, it will still remain an electrical equipment and therefore, a safety hazard in a moist location.

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