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There’s nothing that one could want more on a cold winter morning than sit by your wooden stove and bask in the heat while contemplating on life’s most profound issues. Indeed as a certain Ned Stark had pointed out quite a while back and since then we have been reminded time and again, “winter is coming”.

And here’s how you prepare – The US Stove Ashley Wood Stove. Imagine the low crackling of wood, that dim glow of the fire as it consumes the fuel and the ensuing heat. All this creates an environment so magical that you could just sit back in your arm chair, and pretend to be a character straight out of Victorian London. A Pipe and an overcoat are all you need then to transform into Sherlock Holmes. The most beneficial part of using the Ashley Wood Heater is the unbelievable savings that you make. Interested? Read on.

US Stove APS1100B “Ashley Model”

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The US Stove Ashley Wood Stove has a heating range of about 1,100 square feet. That’s enough to heat up long hallways or large living rooms. The Ashley Wood Stove aims to give consistent and efficient wood burning with every use. 

Gone are those days of open fireplaces that resulted in smoky rooms and sooty walls. The Ashley Wood Stove combines both the best of the old and the new and helps provide an unmatched experience.

The Ashley Wood Stove weighs just 250 pounds, a far cry from the average wood stove weight of 300 pounds. It can hold up to 16 logs and provides an unmatched 67k BTUs (British Thermal Units). Though it does not have an Ash pan, it does have a daft control just above the door, which easily lets you regulate the heat. This simplistic feature separates it from all the other feature-loaded but not efficient Wood Stoves. The other feature worth considering in the Ashley Wood Stove is the blower, which is included in the price of the stove. The stove also has an efficiency rating of 75 % which is a real help when it comes to smoke control areas and taxation.


The most prominent advantage that you receive from the Ashley Wood Stove is the signature daft panel above the door that helps you control the flame and the daft that you receive. It is quick, easy and efficient. All you need to do once you heat up the stove is to throw in the wood and you are good to go.

The panel is smooth and well polished and really goes with the fashionable standards of your room. The greatest advantage of using the US Stove Ashley Wood Stove is the resulting savings. With rising gas and electricity prices, many homeowners are using Ashley wood stoves to increase the efficiency of their heating systems and ensure savings. Wood to heat a home is obviously less expensive than the gas and electricity bills, especially in extreme temperatures. Reports show that electricity has always been the most expensive way to heat a home, and the ever increasing oil prices are not a big help either. Gases too have become very expensive with propane, the most used gas being currently one of the most expensive fuels.


The Ashley Wood Stove remains one of the better models available around, though it is not without its share of flaws. The first common complaint is the lack of an ash tray. An ash tray would have been a nice addition because you have to take out the ash regularly and without a tray makes it a bit tedious. The second complaint is predominantly an installation problem. The one issue that more often than not comes up is the fact that the Ashley Wood Stove does not include any installation materials (and by that I do mean any at all).

My Views

I could go on providing you images after images showing just exactly how perfect the Ashley Wood Stove is for you. But I won’t, I’ll keep it short and just sum up the basic concerns you might have. It’s a well built and sturdy device which aims to provide a quality experience at an extremely affordable price. The Ashley Wood Stove thus ensures that you get a consistent heating experience without every going over your budget. And that’s why I recommend the US Stove Ashley Wood Stove.

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